Sebastian Michael Drake
Species: Human (former)

Vampire - Genetic

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Born: 1986
Changed: 2002
Family: Liam Drake (father)

Helena Drake (mother)
Marcus Drake (younger brother)
Duncan Drake (younger brother)
Quinn Drake (younger brother)
Connor Drake(younger brother)
Logan Drake(younger brother)
Nicholas Drake(younger brother)
Solange Drake(younger sister)
Geoffrey Drake (paternal uncle)
Hyacinth Drake (Aunt by marriage)
Veronique Drake(Family Matriarch)
Ruby Drake (Aunt)

Significant Other: Jason
Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive (undead)
Sebastian Drake is the oldest of the Drake siblings. He is named after Helena's deceased brother.


He is mostly silent throughout the series, teasing his brothers when the opportunity arises. Like his father, he is known for his level head, well controlled temper, and his skill in negotiation.

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