Nicholas Christopher Drake
Species: dhampir
Gender: Male
Born: 1992
Changed: 2008
Family: Liam Drake (father)

Helena Drake (mother)
Sebastian Drake (older brother)
Marcus Drake (older brother)
Duncan Drake (older brother)
Connor Drake(older brother)
Quinn Drake(older brother)
Logan Drake(older brother)
Solange Drake(younger sister)
Geoffrey Drake (paternal uncle)
Hyacinth Drake (Aunt by marriage)
Veronique Drake(Family Matriarch)
Ruby Drake (Aunt)

Significant Other: Lucy Hamilton
Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Grey/Blue
Aliases: Nick

Nicky (by Lucy)

Status: Alive (undead)

Nicholas Drake is the second youngest of the Drakes. He is described as having dark brown hair and grey eyes. Originally, Nicholas and Lucy hated each other, always teasing and annoying each other. In the first book though, Lucy and Nicholas start to have feelings for one another and date. Throughout the series he is very protective of Solange and Lucy. In the 5th book, Nicholas is captured and has experiments conducted on him, including being stabbed numerous times, being exposed to bright lights, and holy water (not traditional type, but water filled with uv rays). Because of this, everyone else belives he is missing. He comes back though, when Solange (aka Viola) tries to kill Lucy. Nicholas ends up drinking Lucy's blood to prove he's on Solonage's side, which he does to protect Lucy.

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