Marcus Abraham Drake
Species: Human (former)

Vampire - Genetic

Gender: Male
Born: 1987
Changed: 2003
Family: Liam Drake (father)

Helena Drake (mother)
Sebastian Drake (older brother)
Duncan Drake (younger brother)
Quinn Drake (younger brother)
Connor Drake(younger brother)
Logan Drake(younger brother)
Nicholas Drake(younger brother)
Solange Drake(younger sister)
Geoffrey Drake (paternal uncle)
Hyacinth Drake (Aunt by marriage)
Veronique Drake(Family Matriarch)
Ruby Drake (Aunt)

Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive (undead)

Marcus is the second son of Helena and Liam Drake


Marcus is noted as the lab geek, often helping  his uncle, Geoffery, with his experiments. He is also noted to be socially awkward since he spends most of his known time in the barn that was converted into a lab. He helps supply his family with Lucy's blood when they discover that her blood will make them immune to Solange's extremely strong pheromones, so they can capture her and remove Viola.

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