|Box title = Lucky Moon "Lucy" Hamilton

|species = Human

|gender = Female

|Born = 1993

|family = Cass Hamilton (mother)

Stuart Hamilton (father)

Lucinda (aunt)

Christabel Llewellyn (cousin)

Posy Macalister (great grandmother)

|Significant Other = Nicholas Drake

|skin color = White

|hair color = Brown

|eye color = Brown

|aliases = Lucy

Lucy is the best friend of Solange Drake and girlfriend of Nicholas Drake


Lucy was born in 1993 to Cass and Stuart Hamilton. Her birthname is Lucky Moon Hamilton, but has forced everyone to call her Lucy since 1st grade. She has known the Drakes since she was little and has become immune to most of their pheromones. She is best friends with Solange Drake and treats her brothers as if they were her own, except for Nicholas. As in My Love Lies Bleeding her and Nicholas being a love story that continues on through out the book series.  


Lucy is seen as very loyal to her "vampire" family and will fight for them even if it costs her life. She is also very afraid of being shut out of the family. She is very outgoing and never hides her feelings. Emma Williams is rumored to make an appearance in the first book. If you go to page 105 in my love lies bleeding she is added in to their relationship, making it a throuple. Go follow @emma.williams193 on instagram to hear about her throuply ways.

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