Lucky "Lucy" Hamilton
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Born: 1993
Family: Cass Hamilton (mother)

Stuart Hamilton (father)
Lucinda (aunt)
Christabel Llewellyn (cousin)
Posy Macalister (great grandmother)

Skin color: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Lucy

Her (Nicholas)

Status: Alive
Appearances: My Love Lies Bleeding

Blood Feud
Blood Moon
Blood Pophecy
Bleeding Hearts

Lucky Hamilton, called Lucy, was born in 1993 to Cass and Stuart Hamilton. Her best friend is Solange Drake and her boyfriend is Solange's brother Nicholas Drake. Lucy is the protagonist of the first novel (My Love Lies Bleeding) and the last two novels of the series (Blood Moon and Blood Prophecy). Lucy is characterised as bold, witty, snarky, and brave. She is loyal towards her friends and family and she is willing to risk her safety for the benefit of others. Lucy is vegetarian.

My Love Lies Bleeding/Hearts At Stake Edit

At the start of the book, Lucy is at a field party with Solange, who will become a vampire on her sixteenth birthday. Nicholas and Logan Drake (two of Solange's seven older brothers) pull up and tell them both of the girls to get in after vampires surround the field party, after Solange. Nicholas drives away before Lucy can get in. This is where you first see Lucy and Nicholas's strained relationship.

When Lucy goes to the Drake compound where Nicholas tells her to leave. She is about to get into her car, when Nicholas suddenly grabs and kisses her before telling her that there are people on the compound and pushing her into the farm house and then most of the Drakes emerge to start fighting the intruders, who are soon revealed as Helios Ra (vampire hunters) They keep one alive for questioning on the wishes of Liam Drake. His name is Kieran Black; the next morning when Lucy goes into the living area with her breakfast, Kieran is still tied up and convices her to give him a sip of her tea. He then uses a powder called 'Hypnos' and makes her untie him.

When the Drakes wake up, Nicholas is mad and Liam and Conner are gathering the remaning Hypnos's while the Drakes go back to bed. Nicholas stays behind and tries to use his "vamp mojo" (as Lucy puts it) and then kisses her. Their eyes remain open before they flutter closed and then he goes to bed. When all the Drakes were in bed and it was about lunch Lucy goes into town to buy supplies for 'if she ever saw Kirean again'. After she got her supplies (including a bowie knife and nose plugs) she was getting into her car when Lucy saw Kirean. The two argued and she punched him in the nose, taking his book.

Once she returned to the Drake compound where Solange and Nicholas are awake and worried. Lucy asks Nicholas why he is awake and he simply says "because the house smelled wrong" before going back up to bed. Lucy and Solange then arrange a meeting with Kieran to give him his book back. Unfortunately, Nicholas finds out and grabs them, taking them back to the farm ignoring their protests.

London Drake then arrives and tells her cousin Solange that she has been summoned by Madame Veronique. Madam Veroniqe is the oldest Drake and matriarch of the Drake clan. London hates Lucy and says "that has to stay here". Lucy puts on a bravardo but really she is disappointed. London then tells them that lady Natasha has also summoned Solange. This causes the Drake brothers to be worried for Solange. Solange and Lucy go upstairs so Solange can get changed. When they come back down the brothers are also changed and declare they are not going to let her go on her own. Nicholas offers to stay to keep Lucy safe.

The pair go to Nicholas room to do research on his computer. Lucy can't help but remember the last time she was in there - there were pirate sheets on his bed. After a while she askeds him about his bloodchange (transformation into a vampire) and asks if it hurt. He said it did, with Lucy asking him what got him through it

he told her she did and walked out the room.In the middle of the night when no one was back she was pacing then she told him she wants to go down to the sore room to get a stun gun. While there down there the silent alarm goes off its Uncle Geoffrey she gets angry when he shows them some more gifts sent for Solange. He then tells them Lady Natasha is the one who put the hit on Solange. Helena then gets home and stats shouting then Hart And Hope show up and they send Lucy and Nicholas upstairs to bed but Luct stays on the stairs where they cant see her and she listens to there convosation.Heart and the Drakes come to an agreement Hope will stay unill Solange is back Geoffrey come up the stairs to put Hope in one of the spare bedrooms Lucy and Nicholas go into Solange's room. He lays on her bed and pulls her down they fall asleep. When she woke up Nicholas arm was around her and wouldnt move so she pulled the blind up to let filtered light in (speical windows not harmfull but annoying) she then lets the dogs out the back and sees Hope hanging out of her window and they have a talk. Bruno tells her to get inside The next day Lucy and Nicholas are in the garden letting the dogs out when the alarm goes off agian it was London she explained what she knew whitch wasnt very much.she then tells them that Hope is a Traitor They get a call saying they have found Aunt Hyacinth. Lucy then comes up with a plan to get to the court. She pretends to be an agent take Nicholas to Lady Natasha. When they are in her throne room Kieran Black come in with a heart in a box saying its Solange's. Nicholas and Lucy then give themselves away. Lady Natasha send them to the dungons. Nicholas has to sleep becasue its Dawn and tells Lucy not to shout her mouth off.A man brings in a jug of water and tossed her an apple then leaves. A while later a woman bings a basket with a medival dress and soap and tells her to wash and put the dress on for the celebration, she gets changed then after a while a man brings a body into her cell it Solange. and Kieran was thown into Nicholas cell . He then explaines it was a deer heart. Nicholas finally wakes up and attacks Kieran and then Lucy pionts him to Solange laying there unconcious. Nicholas then changes into the clothes that were given to him hen they were brought up to the ball room then Lady Natasha said "this will soon be over". Liam Drake replies "sooner than you think", with Lucy recognizing him as he uses the hypnoses they made from the analysis Kieran gave and made the guards closest to them sleep Nicolas grabs Lucy and kisses her. He tells her to stay down. Once Lady Natasha is killed by Helena, Solange wakes up. Lucy Talks to Nicholas on the phone all the time according to Solange and she even caught him sending her roses . 

Romance Edit

Lucy falls in love with Nicholas Drake during the first novel (My Love Lies Bleeding). She has known Nicholas Drake throughout most of her life and her new romantic feelings cause lots of confusion in Lucy's life. Throughout the first novel, Lucy and Nicholas' friendship develops into a romantic relationship, which surprises them both. Their relationship blooms and grows throughout the series and Lucy and Nicholas share many intimate and special moments together.

I didn't know what to do with this Nicholas. It felt like we were about to have a moment. We'd never really had a moment. Okay, we'd had that kiss - make that two kisses. But they weren't real, were they? (Pg. 103, My Love Lies Bleeding)

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