Kieran Black is the boy friend of Solange Drake. He is also the nephew to Hart, leader of the Helios Ra. His father was killed by Hope a rogue Helios, but believed that his father was killed by vampires.


He was hell bent on avenging his father even though his father was not killed by vampires, like he thought. Lucy repeatedly punches Kieran for trying to hurt her best friend, Solange, calling her a bloodslave, and generally being biased against vampires.As he tried to find out who killed his father, he began to fall in love with Solange.They kissed a lot. Though when she bites him, he breaks up with her, later to get back together with her. He goes off to college in Scotland eventually but Solange goes with him.

Kieran knows Hunter since their childhood and is like a brother to her. He is protective of Hunter and cares for her like a big brother. Hunter says at some point that she used to feed him mud cakes while she was young.

Kieran's uncle Hart
Father name unknown
Mother name unknown
Signifigant other Solange Drake

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