Hunter Agnes Wild
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Family: Caleb Wild (grandfather)
Significant Other: Quinn Drake
Hair color: Blonde
Aliases: Buffy (by Quinn)
Status: Alive

Hunter Wild is a student at the Helios Ra Academy, where is training how to hunt vampires. She comes from a long line of vampire hunters. Hunter is close friends with Kieran Black, whom she considers a brother. She has lost both her parents and was raised by her grandfather Caleb Wild, an 'old school' vampire hunter.

Due to having to hold up an expectation that the Wild family is the best vampire hunters, she is hard working and often pushes herself. At the start of Out for Blood, she is a little curious about vampires, but isn't bigoted about humans or herself towards vampires. This is further proven when she ends up dating vampire Quinn Drake, who ends up saving her life.


“What’s in a name?
Well, my name’s Hunter Wild, so I say: a lot.
For instance, you can tell by my name that our family takes our status as vampire hunters very seriously. Good thing I’m an only child—if I’d had brothers or sisters, they might have been named Slayer or Killer. We’d sound like a heavy metal band." -Hunter on her family.

Hunter was very young when her parents died since then she's brought up by her 'old school' vampire hunter grandfather. Being from a family of whole vampire hunter she's carrying a lot of expectations. She is an A class Vampire Hunter and is eager to take up the charge. She often clashed with other girls but is an amazing student. Hart likes her hard work and her talent. Kieran is like a brother to her.

She believes that all vampires are same until she attended a vampire hunter's coronation. She met Quinn there for the first time. While she is invited to attend the coronation she realizes the vampire which must be hunted and vampires who can be friends. During this time she slowly starts falling for Quinn Drake. When the school comes under attack she gets ready to fight them off only to be sent back to handle the younger students. She feels bad.

A mysterious disease attacks the school and Hunter with Quinn's help solves it whilst falling for him.

Hunter trains Lucy to be prepared and armed when asked by Quinn. She knows quite lot of vampire hunters.

York constantly tries to find an excuse to punish her. She is envied by a few students while is thought to be the role model student for others. She gets into trouble often to get her friends out of trouble.

Personality Edit

"She was strong and brave and sexy. I loved the way she looked at me, just slightly suspicious, as if she was thinking about kicking my ass." -Quinn on Hunter's personality

  • She is a kick ass vampire hunter.
  • She is in a relationship with Quinn Drake as of Out for Blood.
  • She's hardworking and talented.
  • She had long blonde hair and likes dressing up like any other girl but hides it all long.
  • She smells like Rasberries and lime but denies it.

She's girlish from inside but hides it with her Hunter appearance. She likes Archery and martial arts.

Appearance Edit

"I was just itching to convince her to unbraid all that blonde hair. She’d look killer with it down." -Quinn on Hunter.
Hunter had long blonde hair and beautiful eyes. She often braids her hair but manages to steal everyone's eyes. She mostly wears cargo pants and tank tops but occasionally wears sundress and short dress while going out. She hides atleast more than three stakes in case of emergency. She's beautiful and strong adding up having the Wild stubbornness in herself.

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