Duncan Scott Drake
Species: Human (former)


Gender: Male
Born: 1988
Changed: 2004
Family: Liam Drake (father)

Helena Drake (mother)
Sebastian Drake (older brother)
Marcus Drake (older brother)
Quinn Drake (younger brother)
Connor Drake(younger brother)
Logan Drake(younger brother)
Nicholas Drake(younger brother)
Solange Drake(younger sister)
Geoffrey Drake (paternal uncle)
Hyacinth Drake (Aunt by marriage)
Veronique Drake(Family Matriarch)
Ruby Drake (Aunt)

Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Green
Status: Alive (undead)

Duncan Drake is the third son of Helena and Liam Drake. He has dark hair and green eyes. 


He was born 1988. He was born to a human mother and a vampire father. For the first sixteen years of his life, he was human. Around his sixteenth birthday he started going through the Blood-change, that would turn him into a vampire. 

He lives with his family on a farm estate in Violet Hill. He has two older brothers, four younger brothers and a younger sister. His Aunt Hyacinth and Uncle Geoffrey

Personality Edit

  • He is not very sociable and is not very fond of people.
  • His best (and only) friend is a girl named Brynn. 
  • He loves his motorcycles, and is quite handy when it comes to fixing cars and motorcycles.
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