Drakes are one of the ancient and powerful vampire families. Drakes had a long line of all male children. The Drakes born in the family are genetic vampire. They are a part of the old Raktpa Council. The Raktpa Council are with all the vampire families who feel they're different from other vampires.

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The Drake lineage started with William Drake. He married Veronique Duboois and she got pregnant with a set of twin. Sometime during her pregnancy the midwife said that she would not survive. Following this William Drake changed Veronique into a vampire. The twins were born healthy but as they reached the age of 16 they fell ill and went through blood change.

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The Drake family for some nine hundred years had only male children. There was a phrophecy which said that all the vampire tribes will be properly united under the leadership of a girl born into an ancient vampire family. The then Queen Natasha took it as her end and kept an eye on all ancient vampire families. Lady Natasha wasn't born in an ancient vampire family hence realised some other lady would overthrow her and claim the throne. The Drake family was banned from the court for a century. Since the hour Solange was born Lady Natasha started a grudge against them.

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