Connor James Drake
Species: Human (former)

Vampire - Genetic

Gender: Male
Born: 1990
Changed: 2006
Family: Liam Drake (father)

Helena Drake (mother)
Sebastian Drake (older brother)
Marcus Drake (older brother)
Duncan Drake (older brother)
Quinn Drake(twin brother)
Logan Drake(younger brother)
Nicholas Drake(younger brother)
Solange Drake(younger sister)
Geoffrey Drake (paternal uncle)
Hyacinth Drake (Aunt by marriage)
Veronique Drake(Family Matriarch)
Ruby Drake (Aunt)

Significant Other: Christabel Llewellyn
Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive (undead)
Connor Drake is the son of Helena and Liam Drake. He is the twin brother of Quinn Drake. He has dark hair and blue eyes; Connor is also noted for his skills with technology, such as computers and mobile phones.


Connor and his twin brother, Quinn were born in 1990. They are the fourth and fifth sons of Helena and Liam. He lives in Violet Hill with his family. He is a genetic vampire, meaning he was born to a human mother and a vampire father; thus, he completed the change into vampire at sixteen years of ago.

He shares a special bond with his twin Quinn. They are also identical in apperance. However, Quinn prefers to let his hair grow long where as Connor prefers his short.


  • He is very good very technical stuff as computers and phones.
  • Unlike his twin, he isn't flirtatious and seems to be unsure of himself around girls.
  • In Bleeding Hearts, he starts a relationship with Lucy's cousin, Christabel.
  • He admits to being slightly geeky and enjoys things such as Star Wars.
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