Christabel Llewellyn is a former human but was recently turned into a new type of vampire called Na-foir.Christabel is in a relationship with Connor Drake and lives with his family often visiting her vampire family of two called Saga and Aidan. Christabel used to live alone with her mother, who was an alcoholic since Christabel's death a few years earlier. Her uncle sends her mother to rehab and Christabel moves to Violet Hill temporarily. Here, Christabel is kidnapped by the Na-Foir, who want to be recongnised, after she is mistaken for Lucy. Connor tracks her down and helps her escape. In the process, she is stabbed by a stake and is turned into a vampire by Aidan. Following her transition, Connor and Christabel begin a relationship. 


Christabel is the daughter of Lucinda. Lucy, her cousin is the daughter of Cass and Stuart Hamilton and her great grandmother is Posy Macalister. Her father died by drowning when she was younger.

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